Control your lights with smart phones

With a single tap on your smart phone (iPhone or Android), the lights change to Christmas, 4th of July, Saint Patrick’s Day or Valentine’s Day. You can select a pattern from the predefined holidays and occasions. AHL’s app allows you to define your own patterns. You can control the brightness and speed. For senior citizens, our app can be used on tablets. 


Full-colored (RGB)

Each individual light (we call it a smart node, or simply a node) has a computer-chip built-in. Each node can be address separately, and its color can change a couple dozen times every second. You think your computer screen or TV can show almost any color. Yes, it is. It can display 17 million different colors by combining different level of RGB (red, green and blue).


AHL’s smart node can display 8 billion colors (for the techies, it’s called 12-bit technology). This unique technology also reduces the flickering in low brightness. 


Permanently installed, fully integrated to your house

No more cold ladders in cold winters. Even in the Golden State, where people think it’s very warn, climbing ladders during the raining winter days is not a pleasant experience.

AHL’s all-year-round holiday lights can be installed in the warn days, or any day you pick. Even better, it’s installed by professionals. With color matching aluminum tracks, the lights are seamlessly integrated into your house. Nobody will notice them if you don’t turn them on. 


Not only for holiday

It's also for your baby girl's birthday party, your boy's graduation, and your own promotion celebration. Wedding, baby shower or a family reunion needs some colors too. How about a game day of your favorite team? There are plenty of color scheme you can choose from, and you can make your own.  


American quality

American holiday lighting’s products and service are American quality. The aluminum tracks and durable, the lights are robust and can stand harsh conditions. You can drop the lights from the second floor and you can pull the light strand to see the real quality. The nodes are design to work in rain, snow, under sunshine and all the weather you can expect. 


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